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  1. helmutmayer
  2. PLCnext Engineer
  3. Saturday, 12 September 2020

I have AXC F 2152 with AXL F AI2 AO2 IO module and am struggling to connect the analogue input to any IN port variable.  The IO modules D light is flashing green indicating that all ok except nothing is coming from the controller. 

I'm also struggling to find comprehensive reference documentation to read up on this.  All tutorials and examples seem to use Digital IO and boolean types.

Can anyone point me to a suitable example or reference documentation?


Edit 2020-09-13:   I found the relevant documents.   Fernhill IEC-61131-3 programming reference together with the AXL F AI2 AO2 manual helped me figure it out.  The output data type of a single channel is a 16 bit string.  So,  I made the IN port variable a WORD type (2 bytes) and cast it to INT (16 bit) for reading and cast it to REAL for calculations. 

Notably, only when I was using a matching data type for the IN port variable, did PLCNext show me that variable for selection in port mapping.  that was the key point of confusion, because I could not see the variable I had created for mapping.  There were plenty of error messages, but not one to give me that clue.  I guess it's hard to be perfect.

And, I have to say, while the interlocks in the PLCNext Engineer software prevent you from doing plenty of things, they are forcing you to keep things tidy, and that is a good thing.  It might be useful though to provide a more comprehensive and/or more structured reference work.  The Tutorials and manuals, I think, need more depth and detail.  Or, maybe, I just haven't found my way there yet.

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