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  1. Rob H
  2. PLCnext Engineer
  3. Tuesday, 02 June 2020

I've had success with assigning an IP address to the AXC F 2152 without the AXC F XT ETH 1TX, but when I configure it with the extension module it no longer works. I am trying to assign to the extension module and 10.x.x.x. to the TCP/IP port. The status says ok after assigning the properties to the controller, but I can no longer connect to it via either interface. I can get the desired settings to work by setting them using putty, but I don't want to have to train everyone else to do it that way. 

Automation Engineer - Grand Rapids, MI, USA

Martin PLCnext Team Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

Hi Rob,

After you change the IP address settings in PLCnext Engineer to the ones you want, and while you are still connected to the Ethernet adapter on the CPU, what is the result when you scan for online devices from PLCnext Engineer?

What I suspect may happen, is that you will see the old IP address on the "Online" side of that window. You should then be able to transfer the Offline IP address settings to the Online PLC.

I might be wrong, but I don't think it is possible to connect PLCnext Engineer to the IP address on the extension module. I think that the PLC only listens for PLCnext Engineer connections on the main Ethernet adapter.

Correction: I was wrong - PLCnext Engineer can connect using either the main Ethernet adapter or the left-side extension module. Sorry!

~ Martin.

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