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  1. dschmidt
  2. PLCnext Technology & PLCnext Controls
  3. Wednesday, 18 November 2020

I must have messed up the firmware update. I can log into the WBM for about 30 seconds then the controller faults out. I'm looking to restoring it by flashing new firmware. I have an Allen Bradley SD card with 1 GB and I would prefer to use that to update the firmware to the latest version that is compatible with the controller. I tried the do the factory reset wit the button on the controller but it still will fault out until I reboot it so I'm looking for another option. Do I need to format the card to a certain file type? Do I load the standard firmware file that I pull the from the web? After that is there something that I should expect after I turn the PLCNext on. Also, how can I continue to use the card for normal use after the new firmware is installed with the card?

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I would like to help you,

please note, only the original and unformatted Phoenix Contact SD-Cards (2GB or 8GB) can be used with PLCnext controllers: 

Please see the following information in user manual:

SD card (optional) If the internal parameterization memory is not large enough for your application, the controller can be operated using an SD card. The SD card is optional and not required to operate the controller. If you operate the controller with an SD card, all application-specific data (e.g., the PLCnext Engineer project) is stored there. NOTE: Damage of the internal parameterization memory due to high data traffic Frequent write accesses in applications with high data traffic can cause long-term damage to the internal parameterization memory of the controller (e.g. DataLogger applications). This leads to a device defect. Use an external SD card as storage medium for applications with high data traffic. Phoenix Contact recommends the SD cards SD FLASH 8GB PLCnext Memory, order no. 1061701 or SD FLASH 2GB PLCnext Memory order no. 1043501. The SD card will be recognized during the initialization phase of the controller. If you insert the SD card during operation, the SD card will not be recognized. • Make sure that the SD card has been inserted before switching on the controller, in order to enable the controller to use it. • Insert and remove the SD card only when the controller supply voltage is disconnected. Refer to Section “Diagnostic and status indicators” on page 26 for the LED blink codes in the event of unauthorized removal of the SD card during operation. • Only use an SD card provided by Phoenix Contact.

NOTE: Damage to the SD card after formatting The SD card is already formatted (ext4 format) and is intended for use with Phoenix Contact controllers of the PLCnext Control product family. If you format the SD card, certain information on the SD card that is required for use with Phoenix Contact devices will be lost. After formatting, you can no longer use the SD card to operate the controller. • Ensure that the SD card is not formatted. • If you want to delete the overlay file system from the SD card: Reset the controller to default setting type 1.

Do you reset the controller via factory reset type 1 or 2 (via Reset button, Command Line or PLCnext Engineer )? 

Please try to start the PLCnext controller without SD-Card and establish the ssh-connection via terminal or WINSCP tool.

If the connection can't be established, please contact me directly via following e-mail address:

Thanks & Best Regards


Phoenix Contact Electronics Headquarter - PLCnext Runtime Product Management and Support

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