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  2. Proficloud
  3. Monday, 24 August 2020


Due to maintenance something, the PLCnext will not have access to Internet and Proficloud. Is there a way to buffer and managed all data into PLCnext memory?



Martin PLCnext Team Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

Hi Dominick,

The Proficloud service does buffer data while offline.

The parameters that control this are included in the following configuration file on the PLC:


Since this is a system file, it is not recommended that this file be edited, but that is possibile if the parameters do not suit your application. Note that data is buffered in RAM, so (a) there is a fairly limited buffer capacity, and (b) buffered data will be lost if the PLCnext Runtime is stopped before the Proficloud connection is restored.

~ Martin. 

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