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  1. Arne Smets
  2. PLCnext Engineer
  3. Tuesday, 09 March 2021

I had a question about the HMI webserver. It's possible to execute the command "Close application (native only) after for example pressing a button.
This does not work in (google chrome) browser. So I think the native only is telling me it can't close the HMI on browser? Where/how am I able to use this feature?

It is thus possible to open a HMI of a different project, with the execute command "open project". This works fine and could be really handy, but then I can't close te new window again because of problem above. I can close it in the browser, but we would rather hide the web adress for the costumer and show HMI on full screen.

Accepted Answer
Oliver PLCnext Team Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Hello Arne,
Native Only in the EHMI dokumentation refers to Customer specific Devices.
The thing is that the browser needs a Custom AddIn that allows for these kinds of access.
Usually it is not a permitted operation for most browsers - for Security reasons. to access anything outside the scope of the window.
Generally you are not allowed to access any other open Page from a page in any way...

What exactly are you trying to do? You need to switch between pages of different PLCs right?
If you switch between different HMI Solutions you can Implement a "Switch To" button on every Solution.
hmi_1( execute Command Open IP X) -> HMI_2 (ExecuteCommand open IP Y.)
The problem with this approach is that you will have to login again.
Another issue might be that it will create multiple tabs over time (I dont know why that happens sometimes and have to investigate.)
Phoenix Contact Electronics Headquarters - PLCnext Runtime Product Management and Support
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Arne Smets Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Thanks for the reply Oliver,

The dutch collegues allready contacted me.

We will have a 'main' plc, with different (almost identical) PLC's connected. The HMI should be on 1 screen and at full screen (so no browser is visible). We maybe just make a small windows application, but I was searching for options and came across this command in the HMI.
So I know what's going on right now, but I will make my decision later.

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