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  1. Arne Smets
  2. PLCnext Engineer
  3. Wednesday, 10 February 2021


I have started a new project on the PLCNext. With that we want to use git (with sourcetree) to change code and merge it togheter, so we can keep track on versions. Because of this, I've saved the project uncompressed.

I've tested this with a few tekstchanges in PLCNext Engineer and it works fine, since there is only one file that will change.

If there's for example a new program created, more then one file will change in the 'projectnameFlat' directory.

So if two people work seperatly and both create a new program, conflicts will appear while merging. This seems logical since for example the structure.xml, ESMconfig and project content will change on (partially) the same lines. But in Engineer, it loks like two separete programs. So in theory it's not changed on the same place, but due to changing more files in the 'NameFlat' directory it's causing conflicts.

Do you have a solution/workaround for this? Or is it impossible to work like this with PLCNext Engineer projects and should I make sure that I'm not creating conflicts with someone else? Or maybe copy my changes by hand to the other changed version of the project?

Thanks in advance.


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Arne Smets Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
I have an update

The problem was not in plcNext, but git (or sourcetree, not sure) is using: >>>>>>>, =======, <<<<<<< BRANCHNAME to show where the different braches change things. Those signs are obviously causing problems if not deleted.

So those should be deleted. Sometimes, the stuff between the ==== signs and the branchname is merged togheter while it should be added once more. Then it's necessary to copy. It could also be necessary to change the 'parant' number. But it is best to carefully read the xml file in between the signs and use common sense. Then it's working fine merging different branches.

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Oliver G. Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

Hello Arne,

I could not reproduce your problem. In my test case I created 3 Gitlab update

V1: Program Main

V2: Added program Main2

V3: Added Program Main3

Some files have changed during push (e.g. structure.xml)

Some files are additionaly created (e.g. Main2.pou*)

The files are plain text files. If you work with different developers you have to pull / push in the correct order or work with branches.

What in detail is your conflict message?

Kind regards, Oliver


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