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  1. jmallen
  2. PLCnext Engineer
  3. Monday, 22 February 2021

I am trying to Install ReSy Library on  my computer and license it on my PLC as well but I do not know exactly the right way of doing it.

Martin PLCnext Team Accepted Answer Pending Moderation


I guess you downloaded this library from the PLCnext Store?

Did you buy a license in the PLCnext Store?

The user manual describes the function blocks ReSy10x_10xObjManagerV01, and the parameter IN_LS_LicenseCode :

The alternative license code can be entered here if the license flash card is not to be used.
RESY-DATA-A LIC - 2876847

If the instructions in the user manual do not help, please try contacting the developers using the "Contact" button on the app page in the PLCnext Store.

Phoenix Contact Electronics Headquarters - PLCnext Runtime Product Management and Support
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