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  1. tthayer
  2. Proficloud
  3. Friday, 18 September 2020

My apologies if this has been answered, I couldn't seem to find my answer with the Search.


What is the limit to the number of tags that a single F2152 can send to the Proficloud?  If update time matters, let it be once a second.  Is there a number of tags/variables, or is it a limit based on number of bytes/words?

Frank PLCnext Team Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

Hi tthayer,

there is not a "fixed" limit of Proficloud tags, but there are some default settings which have to be considered and maybe changed depending of the application.

The following settings can be found on the PLC /etc/plcnext/device/Services/ProfiCloud/proficloud.settings.json.

   "sampling_buffer_size_elements": "10000", --> Buffer for the recorded elements - located inside the RAM (which is the only limit)
   "sampling_rate_ms": "1000", --> Sampling rate, in this case 1s. The values are stored in the sampling_buffer
   "sending_buffer_size_elements": "100", --> the elements are copied with the sending rate from the samling buffer to the sending buffer
   "sending_rate_ms": "1000", --> every seconds does the PLC try to send the elements in the sending buffer to the Proficloud.

In this case you've a max buffer from 10000 elements and you are sending every second 100 elements. --> You've a buffer from max. 100s.

The limit is also how fast you can sample the elements and the speed you can transmit to the Proficloud.

If you've more concrete numbers, I'll involve our Cloud time into the evaluation.

Take care,



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