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  1. Felipe González
  2. PLCnext Engineer
  3. Monday, 14 September 2020

Hello, I am using the mGuard Secure Cloud service and the mGuard Secure VPN Client program.

I have the connection established and I can ping a PLCnext and access its virtual server.

The question I have is whether it is possible to connect to the PLCnext through the PLCnext Engineer program to edit its programming?

When I open the PLCnext Engineer and the NetNames+ the network adapter of the vpn does not appear and if I do a search with the local network adapter it does not detect the PLC.

I attach some images.

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Martin PLCnext Team Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

Hi Felipe,

Netnames+ and the discovery feature in PLCnext Engineer both use the Link Layer Discovery Protocol, and since this is a Layer 2 protocol, it is not "routable" and so will not work when there are routers (like the mGuard) between the PLC and PLCnext Engineer. But if the IP address has already been set correctly on the PLC, and if you enter these details in the PLC settings screen, then discovery is not necessary.

So, in theory it is possible to use PLCnext Engineer to program/monitor a PLC over a VPN. However there are some perfomance issues - currently being investigated - that might make this difficult in practice. We are hoping that these performance issues will be fixed in the next release of PLCnext Engineer and PLC firmware.

~ Martin.

Phoenix Contact Electronics Headquarters - PLCnext Runtime Product Management and Support

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