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  3. Friday, 23 July 2021
we know the EPC 15X2 had been released on Honvor Fair, and it 's good at the Edge compute function. there are more interfaces than AXC F PLCnext controller. such as USB and ANT wireless, however,how we can use these interfaces? the datasheet didn't include these information, and as to edge compute , there are a lot of communicate requriment ,do you consider develop the 4G/5G funciton intergrate in the EPC product?

Looking forward to your reply!
Daniel Mantler Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
sorry for my late response and thanks for your questions!
You are right, the EPC offers more interfaces as a "traditional" PLC, next to pre-installed software (Node-RED, InfluxDB database) and easy access to instal Docker-Portainer on the device, to develop your
However, the current firmware of the device does not support the USB, Displayport and the wireless function.
Those functions will be updatet later this year! You will then be able to output your visualisation on the Displayport (wheter it's PLCnext HMI, Node-RED Dashboard, InfluxDB Chronograf or any other solution you installed on the device).
After updating the wireless function, you are able to program your IoT-program without a need of a development-PC.

If you have any further question about the EPC, please let me know.
Best regards
Daniel Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Thanks a lot,
Expect the function update.
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