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  1. lbonillayanez
  2. PLCnext Technology & PLCnext Controls
  3. Friday, 04 September 2020

Dear colleagues, I am writing to you because I have some doubts regarding a request made by a client who is working with PLCNext, which I will tell you about below:

- How can I have 4 clients connected via Modbus TCP to a PLCNext working as a Modbus TCP server?

What do you suggest?

Accepted Answer
Martin PLCnext Team Accepted Answer Pending Moderation


If you want to use PLCnext Engineer exclusively, then one option is to use four instances of the Modbus/TCP Server function block, each one bound to a different port. Each of the four clients will then need to connect to one of the four ports on the server.

If you would prefer to implement a Modbus server in C++, you will not necessarily be restricted to one client connection per port, but this requires intermediate-to-advanced C++ programming skills.

You can also check if any PLCnext Store apps might help, e.g. Codesys seems to implement a Modbus Server, and perhaps that allows muliple client connections on a single server port.

Hope this helps.

~ Martin.

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