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  1. petermannon
  2. PLCnext Technology & PLCnext Controls
  3. Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Is there a more complete list of AxioLine (LocalBus) Diagnostics in the WBM ?

I did go to the (IBS SYS DIAG DSC UM E) manual as suggested in the InfoCenter, but I could not find many of the codes I have been noticing:



I have seen other Codes also that I cannot locate.  ...e.g.    0x0280 / 0x0284 / 0x0080... 


Thank  you for your assistance !



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Oliver PLCnext Team Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

Hello Peter,

The Status register should be analysed bit by bit.
Thats why not every code combination can be found in the Documentation.
Page 12 of the Axl F sys diag sheet.


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Phoenix Contact Electronics Headquarters - PLCnext Runtime Product Management and Support
petermannon Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

Thank you - I hope you have a great day !



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