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  2. Proficloud
  3. Friday, 07 February 2020

Hello Dear Colleagues,

I'm facing with a lost applicance problem ("Internal Error" while creating a new appliance, My colleague already wrote to the support to solve this problem)

Anyway I have some doubts:


Is there a way to unregister / deregister an AXC F 2152 directly from it (whitout accessing to the proficloud account, maybe because someone else registered it...)

Maybe some command line or some other ways


If I registered the Device with my user I should be able to release the ownership in My Appliance menù

Anyway if I try to do that, a message appear:

"The appliance is still registered at Proficloud Services. To perform this action you have to remove the appliance from every Proficloud Service."

But, if I cannot remember where I used it, I cannot find out in which Account I used it and so I cannot release it...

If I have few account it will be ok to search it in every account, but If I would have a lot of accounts, how should I find it?


What may happen if I should not be anymore a member of an account in which there is an appliance I registered?


I register a PLC Next on the Account1.

PLC Next are now listed as an appliance of my user and belongs the Account1

For some reason I have to leave Account1 (for example I changed work).

What will happen to the PLC Next I registered?


Best Regards




Arno PLCnext Team Accepted Answer Pending Moderation


so as not to talk long about the bush: In this version of the proficloud it is not possible to deregister a device without having access to the account where it is registered. In that case there are two possibilities:

  • To contact the owner of the account and ask him to release the ownership
  • To contact me with the UUID and I can check in the backend if we can release it.

However, I am discussing the enrollment and dis einrollment of the devices to the proficloud with the developers in order to improve it in the next version.



Phoenix Contact Electronics Headquarter - Support Center

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Hi Arno,

Thank you for the answer. (I have no notifications on my e-mail so I did not see your answer before)

The problem is born because one of my colleagues (Marcello) actually changed job.

He gave us his credentials and his account so in this case is not a critical problem, but I suppose it could be for other people in future.

It will also possible in future to migrate devices from an user to another user?

Another things I noticed is that the devices belong to someone, and not to an application, I think (just my opinion) it could be better if they belong to the application (since people may change...)





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