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  1. argentumbolo
  2. PLCnext Technology & PLCnext Controls
  3. Wednesday, 17 March 2021

I just received StarterKit(1188165), connected it to the PLCnext Engineer updated firmware(HW: 02 FW: 2021.0.3 LTS) and tried to run empty project.

If project doesn't contain any Axionline modules then:
Status lights: BF-D: Blink Red, D: Solid Yellow, RUN: Solid Green.
Carrier lights: All four blink Red/Yellow
Diagnostic Status Register 0x0280
Diagnostic Parameter Register 1 0x0000
Diagnostic Parameter Register 2 0x0000

If I add for instance DI16/1 then:
Status lights: BF-D: Blink Red, D: Blink Red, RUN: Solid Green.
Carrier lights: All four Solid Red
Diagnostic Status Register 0x0084
Diagnostic Parameter Register 1 0x0c14
Diagnostic Parameter Register 2 0x0001

I reassembled Kit, all contacts visually OK, no bent ones.
I tried to add Axionlines modules one by one, but error occures even if I insert only SC-A.
(Also did factory reset couple of times, the same result)

As I remember Carrier lights were Solid Yellow when I turn power on first time, but after the first error now they either Red or Red/Yellow blinking only.

Could anyone point me, what am I doing wrong?
Eduard PLCnext Team Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Hello argentumbolo,

diagnostic Parameter Register 1 0x0c14 means, that your busconfiguration in PLCnext project and physical busconfiguration are diffrent.
Coud you make a foto of physical configuration and screenshot of configuration in PLCnEng, please?

Thanks & Best Regards
Phoenix Contact Electronics Headquarter - PLCnext Runtime Product Management and Support
argentumbolo Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Sorry for bothering you, Eduard.
When your mentioned about configuration, I've looked second time and understood that I assumed numeration in wrong direction.
Now everything is fine.
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