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  1. voltaing
  2. PLCnext Engineer
  3. Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Hi all,
I have a fairly large project with PLCNext 2152 and Visu + for OPCUA. They are around 2000 variables of different types.
The problem that arises is that OPCUA does not update all the values ​​in SCADA, only some. However, the SCADA system shows the OPC as CONNECTED. In PLCNext Engineer different values ​​are shown by debug, compared to those shown in SCADA.
It could be determined that the incorrect values ​​are mainly for variables that do not change their state frequently, such as faults, configuration parameters, etc. When relaying a parameter change via debugging in the PLCNext Engineer, the values ​​are updated in SCADA.

Is there a way to force the refresh of data continuously in OPCUA of the PLCNext?
Is there any log of connections and information traffic with OPCUA clients?

PLCNext 2152 in firmware 2020.0LTS
Visu + 2.53 unlimited
To rule out security problems, security was disabled in PLCNext and in OPCUA.

Thanks in advance.

peterdallmann Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

Hi Voltaing,

please have a look at the other post about OPC_UA. I have commented there.


Peter Paul


Please update to the latest firmware and PLCNext Engineer software. At the moment both are 2020.3.1

There is an new Engineer software 2020.6 but no firmware yet. So I would wait until the new firmware is out before using the new Engineer software.


There is now a hotfix for Visu+ on the way. There have been found some issue.

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