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  1. Fabio Luis Girardi
  2. PLCnext Technology & PLCnext Controls
  3. Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Hi to all!

First of all, congratulations by this beautiful piece of hardware and software.

I acquired on PLCNext on last week. By recommendation, I installed the software (PLCNext Engineer) and updated the PLCNext firmware to the latest version. The firmware update is the reason for this message.
The issue that I have found on this process, is that I have downloaded a ZIP file, that after extraction, gives me a Windows executable file. And after run this file, after some dialogs, they extracted three files, the job that can be done with a simple Zip file, removing one unnecessary step. The major problem that I see at the current state of the firmware update process, is that Linux users had to access a Windows machine (or install Wine) to extract the files from EXE file, to them, proceed with the firmware update, that can be done via browser.

This is a suggestion, to make the firmware update easiest and faster.

The best regards,


Eduard PLCnext Team Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

Hello Fabio,

Thank you for your feedback and suggestion. I forwarded it to product management for evaluation.
I hope we can provide a more efficient way for FW container extraction.

Best Regards


Phoenix Contact Electronics Headquarter - PLCnext Runtime Product Management and Support

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