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  2. PLCnext Engineer
  3. Friday, 31 July 2020

Hello everyone,

I write for certain problems in PLCNext Engineer that I would like to comment on and I hope to find a solution:

  1. Sometimes when downloading changes to the PLC it is not possible to enter the Debug mode later. I fix this by doing a full download. However, I am surprised that there is no information, pop-up, or something that tells me why I could not download changes correctly or why I cannot enter Debug.
  2. Due to the above, I often do a full download and it causes me a lot of problems not being able to have the retentive data after that. I had to choose to put base initial conditions on each of the retentive variables. It is really difficult not to be able to retain information, unlike the experience in PCWorx after a warm start.
  3. Currently I have a PLCNext 2152 operating and yesterday I had problems with the Profinet communication (status reading of 20 Danfoss inverters), which remained static. When trying to enter Debug to verify the variables and states, I am surprised that the PLCNext Engineer does not connect to the PLC, even when the PLC is operating and has a ping. It was necessary to turn the PLC on and off to reconnect. After switching on, Profinet resumed on its own.
    Today again I cannot enter the PLC by PLCNext Engineer or Win SCP. As the PLC operates in process it is impossible for me to restart it at my will.

    PLCNext 2152 FW 2020.0LTS
    PLCNext Enginner 2020.0.1
Emil Fana Gundersen Accepted Answer Pending Moderation


I have experienced similar problems. 
But there is some solutions for that. 
There is a newer (actuality 2) versions. of both firmware and programming software.
Try download that once. PLCnext Engineer 2020.6 and FW 2020.6.1

Use the Menu- Project - rebuild function before download change. It solved a lot of problems for me. Specially on a PC controlled under a Corporate network.

The new firmware is supporting a new way to handle the retain memory "Extended retain handling "

Now it will behave almost like the old ILC controllers. 


- Emil

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