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  1. iasnhtest
  2. Proficloud
  3. Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Good Morning,

I am having some issues with the connection from an AXCF2152 to the PROFICLOUD. I have had this issue on 2 PLCs so far. 

One of them was running FW 2020.1LTS it stopped working and they way I got it back was to re download the program to the controller. A power down and restart did not fix the issue. I have since updated the FW to 2020.6.1.

The second one is newer and is running FW 2020.6.1. This is the one you will see all the screen shots and log data for.

I have tried a token renew from the Proficloud website per Dave Hoysan request. This does not appear to fix the solution and he mentioned I should post here.


Tried to upload the log file, but a text file wont upload here.


Any help would be appreciated!


Thanks, Nathan

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Arno PLCnext Team Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

The device with your UUID is registered in your account and has received once a registration token. However, it has not send any data to TSD so far. Can you confirm that the time of the RTC is set to UTC time?
In the short log screenshot I see that the device was connected but then after approx. 20 minutes it lost the connection. Is the device connected directly to the internet, or are you using a GSM/3G modem? How many values are you sendinf to the proficloud?
If you could send me the complete log file, that would help me to find the couse.

Regards, Arno

Phoenix Contact Electronics Headquarter
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iasnhtest Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

Hey Arno,


RTC is set to UTC time. I check from both the HMI and putty. 


This is over a 3G modem, not PxC but its fairly reliable. Every time they give me mGuard access it works to grab log files and check the status. It should reconnect to the Proficloud if there is a service outage correct?


I will email you the log file shortly.



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