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  2. Proficloud
  3. Tuesday, 28 April 2020


i'm trying to see the metrics of 2 AXCF2152 controller that I register some month ago in the Proficloud.

Both PLC are correctly registered on the cloud but is impossible to see the metrics.

I  try to change the metrics in the PLCNext project, reset the regtoken and release the ownership of the controller but the problem is still unresolved.

Do you have some suggestion?

The Proficloud is working correctly in this period?


Arno PLCnext Team Accepted Answer Pending Moderation


Yes, the proficloudm is working. Here some questions to investigate:

When you check the web based management of the PLCnext the Proficloud settings, does it say that is is online? Is the TSD Service enabled?

Is the RTC time of the PLCnext set to UTC time?

Are the variables in your project set as OUT-Ports and is the Proficloud checkbox checked? And is the project running on the PLC?

When you open the TSD Device manager at, do you see the metrics/variables?

If you still have troubles, please contact me so that we can look into it deeper.





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