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  1. cris
  2. Proficloud
  3. Monday, 01 June 2020



how can i connect proficloud data sources with grafana?


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Arno PLCnext Team Accepted Answer Pending Moderation


The proficloud service for TSD is a ready to use solution, including Grafana using a Kairos DB. Therefore you do not need (or you cannot) use a different data source for the Garafa within proficloud. 


If you want to use your own Grafana system and only get the data from the proficloud TSD into your own hosted Grafana dashboard, then you could use the REST API from the proficloud. The REST API need to be enabled first for your specific account. If you want to have that service enabled, please send your request to

If you have more questions regarding the cloud, please feel free to ask here.


Regards, Arno

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