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  1. petermannon
  2. PLCnext Store
  3. Tuesday, 05 January 2021

Happy New Year !

I wanted to install the new PndOFF Function from the Store.

I have had my 2152 Registered for quite some time, but it was Regsitered in the Store under Firmware ver 2020.6

The PndOFF Function is availabe for FW > 2021.0LTS.

I Installed FW 2021.0, but could not get Connection Satus to 'ONLINE' for the Registered 2152.

I had to Remove the 2152, Select 'ADD Device' and Re-Enter and Search for the 2152 again before it was recognized.

I could then Go ONLINE and install the PndOFF Function.

I am curious as to why the UUID alone was not used to be able to 'ONLINE' with the 2152.

      Is the device in the the PLCnext Store Registered by UUID AND Firmware ?


Also, then, how does/will that affect Paid Apps that have been installed, then Firmware Upgraded... etc... ?





Martin PLCnext Team Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

Hi Peter,

The device is not registered by UUID and FW. The UUID is the only information that is taken into account, when the device is registered/added. There may simply have been a delay before the device returned to the 'online' state.

App licenses are not removed during a firmware upgrade.


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How to install PLCnext Patch PndOff offline?
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