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  1. maksymchuhaiev
  2. PLCnext Engineer
  3. Wednesday, 07 April 2021
I have a question regarding your product: ReSyNetM - Modbus

I have opened the ReSyNetM_V3005_Sample.pcweax file as recommended by ReSyNetM_V3005_Lib_en_FBFun.pdf. Opened in a separate directory, library files were automatically created in it - ReSyBasic_V3002_Lib.pcwlx, ReSyBasicHLF_V3001_Lib.pcwlx, ReSyNetM_V3005_Lib.pcwlx and the project file ReSyNetM_V3005_Sample.pcwex.

But there are errors "A program organization unit with the name "ReSyNet_Ex10_TcpClient" does already exist", "A program organization unit with the name "ReSyNet_Ex10_TcpServer" does already exist"...

Version of PLCNext Engineer 2021.0.2 (Build 4.7.1183.0).

Thank you.
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