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  1. Acke Chau
  2. Proficloud
  3. Wednesday, 17 October 2018


We have a case that the customer wants to create a separate user account that only have read accesses to that information (customer login). What are the possibilities with the share functions in Proficloud??

Accepted Answer
Dennis Proficloud Team Accepted Answer Pending Moderation



you can Add Users in the TSD Solution and for the Profinet Solution seperatelty. 

For TSD:

1) Click on TSD Device Manager

2) Click in the upper right corner on your Account and manage Account.

3) Click on the left side on Members.

4) Now you can add a User and give them only Read Access or Full Access. 

Now, this User is allowed to switch to your Account and see the devices and can see the Dashboards from your Account in TSD Analytics.


For Profinet:

1) Click on the Profinet Solution.

2) Click on Users on the left side.

3) Invite the User to your Account.


Hope, this works for you. If you have any further or other questions, just let us know.


Best regards,


Phoenix Contact Electronics Headquarter - Support Center

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Acke Chau Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

Hi Dennis,

Thanks for your explanation. A problem is the guest user has access to all of my dashboards.
Maybe the will be change in the future that you can select which dashboard should be enabled for a certain user account.

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