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  1. petermannon
  2. PLCnext Engineer
  3. Monday, 10 February 2020



When I use  'OUT Port' in a Program and I assign to a TAG (in this example a BOOL). 

   I am able to go to

    (PLANT Side)  PROJECT --> PLCnext --> Port List.

      and assign this to a Physical Output (for Example .... (PLANT Side)   PROJECT --> AXIOLINE F --> axc-f-2152-1 / dio-1 / OUT00    (where OUT0 is the 1st output on my AxioLine Card (dio-1 = AXL F DI8/DO8/1/1H).


  Now I have a Program TAG tied to a OUT Port, which is Tied to a Physical Digital Output.

    This Works Great and I can see the Output go 'ON' and 'OFF' with the TAG as it goes 'ON' and 'OFF".


However, when I go to:

        PROJECT --> AXIOLINE F --> dio-1 = AXL F DI8/DO8/1/1H  --> DATA LIST VIEW.... It still shows OUT0 as Unassigned (is in the Variable (PLC) Column of ....OUT0))


When I 'Click' on the --> Variable (PLC)..(is does not show that I have assigned it to the OUT Port above),

A Small Window Appears in Right Corner that says

            "No Connectable Items Available" and will not let me put a variable there.


This is Good, as I should not be able to assign more than 1 Tag to a Physical Output.


The Problem is that I do not know 'WHAT' is connected to that Digital Output Point.


Can you please Display in the Physical I/O Card the "OUT Port" Variable Name that I tied to the Output ?

                It should not say "


This is an issue when I am using Arrays, Large Programs, etc. ,.. to Keep Track of the TAGs assigned -> in this case, I have to search to find it, as there is no indication of what is tied to that Physical Output Point.


Thank you !!



By the way...  'INPORT' Functions the Same way.


Please advise.






Martin PLCnext Team Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

Hi Peter,

However, when I go to:

PROJECT --> AXIOLINE F --> dio-1 = AXL F DI8/DO8/1/1H --> DATA LIST VIEW.... It still shows OUT0 as Unassigned ((

This is because this window only shows variables from the "PLC" window in the "Variable (PLC)" column.

If you open the PLC window (Project -> PLC), and then define a BOOL variable in the "Default" group, then when you go back to the "Data List" view you will be able to connect this PLC variable to the same port on the I/O module that the OUT port variable is connected to.

I guess the idea is that you use one method or the other - i.e. either PORT variable connections, or Process Data / PLC Variable connections - but as you can see, it is possible to mix the two methods.

~ Martin.


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