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  1. fabianr
  2. PLCnext Store
  3. Thursday, 04 March 2021

Now at this moment I would have an appointment for an installation with a customer. This morning I wanted to install my needed license on my PLC.

But the installation will not process. I successfully added the device in the store, it showed up as online with the correct firmware 2021.0.0 LTS.

When starting the installation it hangs on "WAITING_FOR_DEVICE". This happened with two different devices this morning.

Now I had to cancel the appointment, because I'm not able to install the PLC with the needed license.

Installing the PLC without the license is no option, because 80% of times my installed PLC don't have internet access, to activate the license via the store.


What are my possibilties when I face this issues again?


With PCWorx we had the needed flexibility, to deliver the program + license with the SD-Card to the customer.



Daniel PLCnext Store Team Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

Hello Fabian,

sorry for the inconvenience.
In general, our IT system is functional.
I suspect that the problem is in the device.
Please check the Administration -> License Management page in WBM.
Is there an error displayed here?

Here I have already documented an error. Do you have a similar situation?

BTW: We are working hard to provide you with the flexibility you expect from us.

Best Regards,


<p>Phoenix Contact Electronics Headquarters - PLCnext Store Team</p>
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fabianr Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

Hi Daniel,

thanks for the reply.

I had the error which you've described and I could resolve it with a factory reset from PLC Next Engineer. I also remember having the same error more than a month ago, and I thought this issue is already solved.

I assume this issue occurs because of the firmware update. Is there a certain procedure I have to follow before I update the device?

Anyways I hope this gets resolved soon. It's really unsatisfying that a daily business task, that I shouldn't worry about makes such problems.

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