General Release Strategy:

The PLCnext Technology Ecosystem (PLCnext Controls, PLCnext Engineer and PLCnext Store) will continue to develop very dynamically in the next years.

Therefore we decided to release every year in total four PLCnext Control firmware and PLCnext Engineer versions.

At the beginning of every year we will come up with a Long Term Support (LTS) firmware version. The current LTS version is permanently supplied with bugfixes. Each quarter follows a new version with additional features, which will also be included in the next LTS version.

This gives you the possibility to develop your application or app always with the latest versions, and to enjoy new features first!


Version name Release date
2019.0 LTS February 20th, 2019
2019.3 March 29th, 2019
2019.6 June 27th, 2019
2019.9 September 29th, 2019
2020.0 LTS December 6th, 2019
2020.3 April, 2020
2020.6 July, 2020


For all details, please refer to the regarding topics in the PLCnext Info Center.