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Content of this video:

  • Set up a PLC project in PLCnext Engineer for both IEC 61131 and high-level language PLC programming.
    The example is done with different PROFINET controllers and I/O modules.
  • Set up and scan the network, add different devices and assign IP addresses and PROFINET names to them.


Content of this video:

  • Program a simple task and download it to a PLCnext Control.

A 1-minute walkthrough

After updating the firmware of a PLCnext Control AXC F 2152 from version 1.x to 2019.x it is necessary to migrate projects deriving from the former PC Worx Engineer 7.2.x to PLCnext Engineer 2019.x.

  • Migrating projects is done in the PLCnext Engineer 2019.x development environment, simply by changing the device description of the controller.

  • If a function block library is used in the project that was compiled for use with the former PC Worx Engineer, it has to be replaced by the matching PLCnext Engineer 2019.x library.

  • If a former PC Worx Engineer project contains high-level language libraries (e.g. the C++ toolchain) it must be compiled again from the Eclipse project along with the current SDK and project template. After that, a new library for PLCnext Engineer 2019.x must be built.

Here's how this can be done:

How to select libraries in PLCnext Store

Now there's only one source for the ready-for-use function block libraries by Phoenix Contact working with PLCnext Engineer and Firmware 2019.x : the PLCnext Store

Instead of reinventing the wheel, integrate extension to the input/output terminals or technology functions according to your topic, and focus on the individual parts of your PLC program. Save hours of programming common tasks, and limit the chances for irksome errors in your PLCnext Engineer project.

If you already updated your PLCnext Control to the new firmware 2019.0 LTS, there are some real-life Solution apps free-of-charge as well!

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