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Establish an EtherNet/IP™ connection to other manufacturer's controllers


This tutorial shows how to set up a PLCnext Control as a slave in an EtherNet/IP™ network with a Rockwell master. The value of physical inputs are stored in tags in the PLCnext Control, and those tags will be sent to the Rockwell controller and returned to trigger physical outputs.


  • RSLogix 5000 v.20.05.00 (CPR 9 SR 10)
  • Rockwell controller (using Allen-Bradley ControlLogix5561 1756-PC72/C, Part no. PN-89843)
  • Rockwell EtherNet/IP™ module (EN2T) (unless Rockwell controller has internal EIP port)
  • PLCnext Engineer 2019.3
  • AXC F 2152 (PLCnext - Part no. 2404267, HW 02, FW 2019.3)
  • Axioline Input Module
The tutorial starts with a ready RSLogix 5000 project and a valid EtherNet/IP™ path.