Latitude and Longitude on World Map Panel


The purpose of this makers blog is to show how to set latitude and longitude in the Proficloud World Map panel using JSON endpoints

world map panel


First, create latitude and longitude using a JSON editor. I used

Here is some sample code that I used to create latitude and longitude code for Denver Colorado and San Jose California.
    "key": "CO",
    "latitude": 39.7392,
    "longitude": -104.9903,
    "name": "Denver CO"
    "key": "CA",
    "latitude": 37.3382,
    "longitude": -121.8863,
    "name": "San Jose CA"
Once you save the code, they will give you a key that you can use to edit later, but then also access the code via a JSON Endpoint URL
For example,

You can then set the location data of the world map panel to be JSON Endpoint{jcomments on} and use the URL provided by the editor. You will also need to set the alias of the metric to match the "key" you entered in your JSON code.

World map json endpoint

world map alias