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How to disable system components in the PLC for more performance


On the PLC, the file /etc/plcnext/Device.acf.settings contains a list of environment variables and their default values. Some of these environment variables are used to enable/disable various system services on the PLC.

It is possible to change the values of these environment variables, but this should not be done by editing this (or any other) system configuration file.


1. Open the directory /etc/plcnext on the PLCnext target.

2. Copy the /etc/plcnext/Device.acf.settings file to the PLC directory /opt/plcnext/appshome

3. Rename the /opt/plcnext/appshome/Device.acf.settings file to XML file with the extension .acf.settings  e.g. /opt/plcnext/appshome/Disable.acf.settings   

4. Open the /opt/plcnext/appshome/Disable.acf.settings file and delete all settings and environment variables except the environment variables, whose value should change from the default. The important attribute here is "overridden", which over-rides the default value of the named environment variable.

The contents of this file should be structured the same as follows:

ACF Settings

5. Restart the PLCnext Runtime.


# rartem 2020-01-21 05:40
PlcNext don't start if any of EnvironmentVariable field present in this file. Even no log messages.
# rartem 2020-01-21 05:41
FW 2019.9
# mboers 2020-01-21 12:22
Answered via email.