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How to create and send alarms using IXON Cloud

Receive warnings about important machine events to reduce downtime or predict maintenance updates. The alarms & notification feature from IXON Cloud lets you send a push message or emails without any coding. Use it to monitor events and trigger alarms, in the factory or remote location, by using the collected data of the PLCnext device.

How to setup alarms for PLCnext in IXON Cloud

The PLCnext device supports the Modbus TCP/IP and OPC-UA protocol. Both protocols can be used to monitor the variables of your PLCNext device.

First, install the IXON Cloud Connector from the PLCnext store and connect it to your IXON Cloud portal (see article: How to enable remote VPN access for PLCnext using IXON Cloud). Then follow these steps:

  1. Activate Cloud Notify
    See detailed instructions here.
  2. Add a data source and add variables
    Use the PLCnext as a data source and select Modbus or OPC-UA for communication protocol. Add or import all variables you want to use for data logging. See detailed instructions here: ModBus TCP/IP / OPC-UA
  3. Set up alarms and receivers
    Define who and when (variable, condition and priority) the alarm should be triggered and a message with instructions. See detailed instructions here.

Tip: Using the IXON Cloud mobile app, you can get push messages of your PLCnext device on your smartphone. Available for iPhone and Android.

Besides alarms, you can setup a secure VPN connection from remote or log data and monitor machine events in dashboards.

Short video demonstration

This video demonstrates what you can expect from the IXON Cloud connector for PLCnext:

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