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Powershell ... on an AXC F 1152 ?

If you can't get enough Microsoft, and if you like using Powershell on Windows, then you might be interested to know that Powershell can also be installed on PLCnext Control devices.

Please note the warning from Microsoft that this version of Powershell is only experimental.

This demonstration is for an AXC F 1152 or 2152, but a similar procedure should work for other PLCnext Control devices.


  • Using ssh (Linux) or PuTTY (Windows), log in to the PLC as "admin".

  • Download the latest tar.gz file:

  • Unpack the tar.gz file in a directory:

    mkdir ~/powershell
    tar -xvf ./powershell-7.0.3-linux-arm32.tar.gz -C ~/powershell
  • Open the file ~/powershell/pwsh.runtimeconfig.json in a text editor.

  • Add the following to the configProperties section of the configuration file:


    (don't forget to add a comma to the end of the previous line)

    My complete configuration ended up as:

     "runtimeOptions": {
       "tfm": "netcoreapp3.1",
       "includedFrameworks": [
           "name": "Microsoft.NETCore.App",
           "version": "3.1.6"
       "rollForwardOnNoCandidateFx": 2,
       "configProperties": {
         "System.Runtime.TieredCompilation": true,
         "System.Runtime.TieredCompilation.QuickJit": true,
         "System.Runtime.TieredCompilation.QuickJitForLoops": true,
  • Start Powershell

  • Enjoy the power of Powershell.