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Updating Java to JDK v9 for use with Eclipse Add-in 2020.0 LTS

As a C++ programmer, when updating to firmware 2020.0 LTS you need to update the Eclipse® Add-in as well. The new Add-in version requires Java version 9 or above, while Eclipse® only needs version 8. Here's how to update Java and set it for Eclipse as default.

Due to the fact, that oracle requires subsciption beginning with Java 8 you need to install and maintain later versions manually. You can find the instruction on the first instructon at the top. To get the packages we can recommend two pages:

After installing the JDK version 9 or later, you have two options:

  1. You can edit the eclipse.ini file, so that Eclipse is launched with the newer Java version.
    Instructions see here:
  2. You can set your system environment variable JAVA_HOME to the new JDK.
    Instructions see here: