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New videos: Getting started with PLCnext Engineer 2020.0 LTS

Tired of reading manuals? Cheer up: there's a looong series of new tutorial videos coming!

Our guys in the software development have been working hard through the last year for a bunch of improvements in the PLCnext Engineer, and they keep coding!

So buckle up, it's time to learn about some of the already implemented features before more of those tasks on the development roadmap are done!

With great help by Lukas Wehage of the Phoenix Contact Vertical Market Management for Automotive Solutions, we will publish a 20-episodes series of tutorial videos in the next few weeks, in English as usual, and this time also in the German language and user interface.

Starting with 3 videos regarding the Web-based Management and its features, PROFINET device diagnostics and how to do a firmware update, a whole lot more interesting stuff is on its way. Keep coming back to the playlists, or just subscribe to our Phoenix Contact Technical Support YouTube channel and let the bell ring any time a new tutorial video is available.