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Firmware 2020.3 is out now!

Firmware 2020 3


Despite all the special circumstances in these times, we continue enhancing the PLCnext Runtime with another feature release. Firmware 2020.3 is now available for all members of the PLCnext Control family: the AXC F 2152 pioneer as well as the AXC F 1152 for small applications and the RFC 4072S high-performance controller. The new kid on the block, AXC F 3152, is already shipping with a 2020.3 firmware, so there's no need for updating now.

This is new in the 2020.3 release:

  • PROFINET® enhancements, e.g. support for the 2.4.1 specification, DCP flashing and more diagnostic information
  • Additional WBM pages that allow
    • displaying and downloading the notification log
    • displaying all Ethernet configuration data
    • controlling an optional fan at RFC 4072S and AXC F 3152 devices
    • configuring the PROFIsafe notifications at RFC 4072S devices
  • Support for the balenaEngine for Docker-like containers via nftables
  • Support for the DateTime datatype in OPC UA
  • Support for file synchronisation via rsync packages in the Linux OS
  • Some bugfixes - read the full Change Notes

Don't miss the updated SDK and PLCnext CLI for your operation system, and the according PLCnext Engineer 2020.3.