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Survey: Evaluate the PLCnext Online User Documentation

UPDATE: Thanks a lot for the first wave of responses (approximating 100 now)!

In the first few days there were some technical obstructions to overcome, but now the tooling and settings are working fine. If you encountered flaws and could not participate, we apologize for the inconveniences. Please try again now if you like.

To all of you who already managed to critique some features, content or design: Thanks particularly - these are useful hints where to put our efforts next. This survey will be running for another 2,5 months, and of course we won't just wait and see until then but implement new features and improve designs along with adding new content. The Info Center platform is as agile as the product and services development of PLCnext Technology. And in the end, we will let you know some of the findings when Santa brings the consolidated report! ;-)

Let us know what you think about the PLCnext User Online Documentation, which consists of two parts so far:

We ask you to spend about 15-20 minutes to take the survey. Your feedback will help us to enhance the usability of the information platform and fit it to your needs.

The survey will be publicly open for 3 months. All contributions are strictly anonymous, we do not track any ids or addresses of users.

We highly appreciate all answers and comments.
Thanks for participating!