PLCnext improved - again!


Firmware 2021.0 LTS

Some of you avid users will have taken notice of the 2021.0 LTS update for the PLCnext firmware that had been released in December 2020.The 2021.0 LTS is wrapping up all the changes made in the 2020 feature releases and adding a bunch of improvements, such as:

But that wasn’t enough.

With a short delay, we can now proudly announce that …

…with the 2021.0.3 LTS release most of the PLCnext Control series just got certified according to PROFINET specification version 2.4.1 and Net Load Class II:

The 2021.0.3 LTS release is accompanied by corresponding versions of the controller-specific SDKs and the PLCnext Engineer. For all details on new and improved features, error corrections, and known restrictions, see the application notes for the PLCnext devices at the Phoenix Contact product pages:

Please note: With updating to 2021.0, the *.config files in the/opt/plcnext/projects/Default/Plc/ directory are removed, running ahead of the upcoming features in the 2021.3 release. Read more about the configuration files in the PLCnext Info Center topic.