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Yet an other update, PLCnext Toolchain 2021.6

The PLCnext Technology C++ Toolchain and the Visual Studio Tools for PLCnext Technology C# programming get merged into the PLCnext Technology Toolchain. One installer for the full potential of PLCnext high-level language programming support. For now it's just the installer, but future updates will bring much more.

Take a look into our Beginners Guide if you are new to the PLCnext Technology ecosystem. If you want to learn more about programming languages that are supported by PLCnext Technology, just read this introduction.

And a detailed explanation about all downloads can be found here.

Major changes to the PLCnext Toolchain are:

  • The Windows setup now includes the Visual Studio C# and C++ Extension.
  • Visual Studio C++ Extension now provides all the same functions as the Eclipse C++ Add-in.
  • It is now possible to define data types for ports, and a data type worksheet for PLCnext Engineer is generated and added automatically to the library.
  • Custom CMake options can now be added.
  • WString is now a possible port type.
  • It is now possible to declare static strings with defined size. This must be in form of a define compiler directive or internal compiler macros.