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New PLCnext Store release coming up

Even good things need improvement!


On Monday, October 11, 2020 the PLCnext Store website will temporarily be closed for updates and maintenance.


The following features will be implemented with the new release:


License activation on PxC Lic SD Card

With its new update, you now have the option to activate a license either directly on a PLCnext Control or on a Phoenix license SD card inserted in the device. The SD card can be used to transport a license from controller to controller.


Independent PLCnext Store Login

The old Proficloud.NET no longer appears visually in the PLCnext Store. Also the so-called "Retoken renewal" as well as the release ownership is now done directly from the PLCnext Store.


Removing devices with licenses from a Store account

With the new release, it is possible to remove a device with licenses from an account. This allows a device to be added to another account.


Advanced installation process

You now have the choice to decide whether to install an app including the license or alternativelyone of them, either license or app. This freedom of choice allows you to perform individual installations.


And to round up the new PLCnext Store features, helpful explanatory texts for self-service have been integrated in the PLCnext Store. This gives you the right information in the right places.