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Adding a new C++ program

A PLCnext Technology C++ application may consist of one or more components and each component of one or more programs.

This article explains, how to add an additional C++ program in an existing Eclipse® application.



This document is valid for the release firmware of the AXC F 2152.


The knowledge of the following articles is assumed for the information given here.

Adding an additional C++ Program

Eclipse® allows the simple adding of additional C++ programs (.cpp and .hpp) as empty files. Note that the namespaces and includes must be added manually when adding a program this way.

An even more simple way to add a new C++ program for PLCnext Technology, is to copy an existing (empty) program and to paste it into the existing application. In the example shown below, the empty "MyFirstProgram.cpp" and "MyFirstProgram.hpp" are copied, inserted, and renamed to "MySecondProgram.cpp" and "MySecondProgram.hpp".

Note: Observe the PLCnext Technology naming conventions.

Figure 1: Adding an additional Program

In the "MySecondProgram" files, still the old references valid for "MyFirstProgram" are specified. Use the search & replace function of Eclipse® to modify these references to "MySecondProgram".

Figure 2: Adapting name references

The body of "MySecondProgram" is now completed, but the new program has to be declared in the ProgramProvider (in this case "MyFirstProgramProvider.cpp").

Figure 3: Adding the new program to the ProgramProvider

Prior to creating an executable application for PLCnext Technology, the meta files have to be updated.
This can be done using the PLCnext Technology CDT AddIn.

Figure 4: Adding a new GDS Port and update the meta files

Copy the created "MySecondProgramm.progmeta" into the "MySecondProgram" folder.

Figure 5: Copying the updated meta file

Finally, the component meta file "MyFirstComponent.compmeta" must be updated with the reference to "MySecondProgramm.progmeta".

Figure 6: Including *.progmeta into *.compmeta

The PLCnext Technology application can now be compiled and the PC Worx Engineer library created as shown in Tutorial Video - Your first steps with Eclipse and C++.

After having inserted the generated library in the PC Worx Engineer solution, "MySecondProgram" is listed in the 'References' category (COMPONENTS area) and can be used.

Figure 7: PC Worx Engineer Library with MySecondProgram

The PCWorx Engineer online help provides detailed information how to include such external programs in the 'Task and Events' editor of the PLCnext PLANT tree node thus creating a program instance.