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Firmwareupdate AXC F 2152

Please follow the next steps to perform a firmware update for the AXC F 2152.

  1. Download the firmware container (zip file) from the Phoenix Contact Downloadcenter of the AXC F 2152 and read carefully the change and compatibility notes of the firmware.
  2. Unzip the file, start the .exe file and follow the steps.
  3. Copy the update file .*raucb with a SFTP tool (e.g. How to use WinSCP) to the root directory of the admin user (/opt/plcnext )
  4. Open the shell (or the Putty plugin of WinSCP → How to use WinSCP)
  5. Login with a secure shell and a user that has "sudo" rights (for example the "admin" user)
  6. Change the directory to the directory /opt/plcnext and call "sudo update-axcf2152" to start the update procedure.
    The update might take a few minutes, during the updates stays only the yellow LED on.

    admin@axcf2152:~$ sudo update-axcf2152
    Stopping service plcnext
    Warning: Application with pid 1113 does not terminate within 10 seconds.
    plcnext stopped
    trying to contact rauc service
    rauc-Message: installing /opt/plcnext/axcf2152-image-base-bundle-axcf2152.raucb: installing
    rauc-Message: installing /opt/plcnext/axcf2152-image-base-bundle-axcf2152.raucb: idle
    installing `/opt/plcnext/axcf2152-image-base-bundle-axcf2152.raucb` succeeded
    to update: /dev/mmcblk0p3
    18.01.18 08:20:43.940 update-axcf2152 INFO - Updated from to

    Broadcast message from root@axcf2152 (pts/0) (Thu Jan 18 08:20:44 2018):

    The system is going down for reboot NOW!
  7. Wait until the AXC F 2152 reboots and the Run LED flashes (0,5 Hz).

    In case the yellow LED stays after 10 minutes on, it might happen that an incompatible application prevents the complete restart of the PLCnext Technology application.
    Please perform in that case a reset type 1 by using the shell (Reset the AXC F 2152 controller).


# 2018-02-07 12:27
I get a "command not found" answer to the sudo update-axcf2152, I have followed the update instructions to the letter. I am in the /opt/plcnext directory. It seems it can't find the update script.
Where is that command to be found?
# 2018-02-07 12:32
Ok I had logged in with my own user (one that I had previously created) and not admin user and then I had made a su to the admin user, that's why it seems it couldn't find the script.
The solution was to login with putty with the admin user and not my own user even if it had administrator's rights.
After that it worked OK.
# Oliver PLCnext Team 2018-02-09 08:22
thanks for the hint.
I added a step that indicates that you have to login as admin/ or with a sudo user...

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