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Release notes FW 1.02

Please read the following notes before performing the firmware update.

Bugfixes and Enhancements with FW 1.02

  • PROFINET configuration
    The controller was stopped when transmitting a PC Worx Engineer project with a faulty PROFINET configuration to the controller. This error has been rectified.

Known limitations and errors

  • Controller breakdown
    In some rare cases the controller may break down. In case of a controller breakdown, power is disconnected to the I/O modules contained in the bus configuration.

Compatibility notes

  • Pure IEC 61131-3 applications based on firmware 1.0/1.02 are compatible with firmware 1.02.
  • C++ applications based on the SDK of firmware 1.01 are compatible with firmware 1.02
    C++ applications based on the SDK of firmware 1.00 must be recompiled with the SDK 1.02 to be used with firmware 1.02

Download and firmware update