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PLCnext Control

We collected the frequently asked questions to our PLCnext Control. Something missing? Get in contact via e-mail or just add a comment to this faq.

With Firmware version 1.1 of PLCnext is an external SD card not longer necessary.

We recommend for large applications, especially data acquisition, external SD cards (SD Flash 2GB PLCNEXT MEMORY)

Tags: FW Release version, SD Card

Currently it is planned to start with the AXC F 2152 (Small Scale PLC) and RFC 4072 (High performance PLC).

In the next year will the portfolio grow and also a Soft PLC of PLCnext Technology could be possible.

Tags: PLCnext Technology, SoftPLC

The cycle time is with the initiate firmware versions of both controls (AXC F 2152 and RFC 4070S) 500us, but will be imporved with later firmware versions.

Please check back the PLCnext Controls - Implementation Roadmap, for further updates.

Tags: Cycletime, FW Release version, Performance, Speed

The AXC F 2152 uses a dual core Cortex ARM 9 (32Bit) 800Mhz CPU with 512MB of RAM.

Please check for more details the PLCnext Controls - Implementation Roadmap

Tags: ARM, Hardware, Performance

Every PLCnext Control (like the AXC F 2152) has an integrated HTML5 webserver (nginx).

Implementation Roadmap - PLCnext Engineer

Tags: FW Release version, HTML5, PC Worx Engineer Release version, Webvisualisation

The supported tasks are strongly related to the used Firmware.

Please check the PLCnext Technology - Implementation Roadmap

Tags: Cycle task, Event task, FW Release version

Phoenix Contact offers several ways of support for PLCnext Technology, PC Worx Engineer and Proficloud.

For the first assistance search the PLCnext Community, for many use cases are already how to manuals or FAQs available.

Participate from the knowledge of experienced users inside the forum (registration necessary) to find a solution.

In case you prever a personal support, please contact your local Phoenix Contact representation.

Tags: Help, Support

Tool/Protocol Port

Webserver: (HTTPS)

WBM and PC Worx Engineer HMI: 443

PC Worx Engineer (TLS encrypted): 41100

External Mode for Matlab® Simulink: 17725

OPC UA Server: 4840

Tags: Firewall, Port

Depending on the version of the new firmware it might be necessary to recompile the C++ application with the SDK of the used firmware.

Otherwise it might happen that the PLCnext Technology framework can not boot completely, please reset the AXC F 2152 (Reset the AXC F 2152 controller) in such cases.

Tags: 1.01, Firmware, update, yellow LED

The AXC F 2152 has a humidity sensor installed next to the heat sink, you can read the temperature via /sys/class/hwmon/hwmon0/temp1_input (is also displayed in PLCnext Engineer).

Tags: humidity, temperature