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Event Based Architecture for PLCnext Technology

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Use FourZero to Implement Event Driven Control Architecture on your PLCnext instead of creating inefficient cyclic controls

Create a network of collaborating, distributed intelligent devices with PLCnext and FourZero Technology. Program PLCnext Control with fully encapsulated, reusable function blocks. This makes FourZero ideal to run a changing system.

FourZero is a development platform for distributed embedded systems. The graphical programming environment combines elements of the IEC 61499 standard, event-based architecture, App programming structures and SOA.

To run an APP created with FourZero on the PLCnext Control you need to install the FourZero Runtime on your device. You also need to download the free of charge FourZero app|tizer software package (IDE) to your Windows PC to create your own apps. (

The hardware configuration will be done by PLCnext Engineer.

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