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The Phoenix Contact Proficloud is the optimum platform for IoT-based automation and can be used to set up flexible, optimized processes and integrate third-party applications.

Based on an open platform, even manufacturing companies and service providers can establish their own web applications, as well as develop and operate services and mobile applications.

To implement the guiding principles of Industrie 4.0, production facilities across the world must be comprehensively networked, and field devices must be complemented by software services.
This is the only way to reliably exchange data safely and reliably between the machines as well as integrate external information into the overall solution.

In doing so, the consistent implementation of a scalable cloud architecture by means of Proficloud, ensures the required performance and flexibility in your automation scenarios.

New market opportunities with Proficloud

Easily, quickly, and efficiently generate new business models with Proficloud.

Users can easily operate their own software for data acquisition, analysis, and visualization on the cloud platform, for example. This information can then be offered to other devices if required, with secure access.
As a machine manufacturer, you can now also offer maintenance services, for example, in addition to system sales.

The TSD service is one of the services which the PROFICLOUD offers and stands for time series data which basically describes the compound of a data point and the affiliated time information.

With this service it is easily possible to collect the information from the field and to simply monitor or analyse them in the cloud.

Check the status of your application on your dashboard wherever you want, or let your customer participated from your added value services - all over the world.

The PROFICLOUD TSD Service offers of course a lot more than just graphs though, there are lots of different ways you can visualize your data, including heat maps and tables.
Adding a new device and visualizing its data is a very simple and straightforward process and takes you
less than five minutes to get things up and running.

In difference to many other solutions is the Proficloud full available and ready to use.

Watch the tutorial video and the live demo to convince yourself of the ease of use.

Connect an AXC F 2152 to the Proficloud Dashboard (TSD service)
Live Web Demonstration (Dashboard)

Go to PROFICLOUD and register for tryout