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Content of this video:

  • Transfer a GDS out ports to the Proficloud Dashboard
  • Set the real-time clock of the AXC F 2152
  • Configure and transfer the metrics.json file to the AXC F 2152
  • Configure the Proficloud TSD device manager
  • Add the GDS out ports to a simple graph on the dashboard

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This gateway is designed to access process data without interfering with the automation logic. Transmitting the data to the PROFICLOUD makes it available for remote machine monitoring or data analysis.


Content of this video:

  • Login to the web-based management of the Cloud IoT Gateway
  • Configure a connector for your PLC and add some metrics
  • Set up your gateway in the PROFICLOUD
  • Create a dashboard for the metrics

Additional Links:

PROFICLOUD – the IoT platform


Cloud IoT Gateway Manual

Go to PROFICLOUD and register for tryout