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Content of this video:

  • 00m:31s - Install Eclipse IDE and the Libunwind library
  • 01m:07s - Install the PLCnext Technology Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • 01m:49s - Install the Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • 02m:35s - Install the Eclipse® Add-in for PLCnext Technology

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First C++ project with Eclipse tools


Content of this video:

  • 00m:15s - Program the C++ functionality in Eclipse IDE
  • 02m:53s - Import the library into PLCnext Engineer and add it to a task

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Content of this video:

  • Configure the OPC UA server in PC Worx Engineer
  • Select the OPC UA variables
  • Download the configuration to a PLCnext Control (AXC F 2152)
  • Check the variables with the OPC UaExpert Test Client

Additional Links:

Download PLCnext Engineer from

Download OPC UA Expert client from


Prepare your station


First, make sure to meet the requirements:

Content of this video:

  • Set up a root user on the PLCnext Control
  • Allow ssh login for the root user
  • Disable User authentication on your PLCnext Control
  • Open an unencrypted port; directory mentioned for copy & paste: /etc/plcnext/device/System/RscGateway/

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Start debugging


First, make sure to meet the requirements (see section above):

Content of this video:

  • Prepare your project for remote debugging with Visual Studio® and PLCnext Engineer
  • Debug your C# code


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