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  1. icam-incase
  2. Proficloud
  3. Tuesday, 30 October 2018


For a project I'm controlling a pumping station with proficloud, i made it work with an AXC 1050 connected to a cloud-coupler pro, which is connected to a AXC cloud pro and I'm using PC WORX 6.30.

But now I need to us the add-on for simulink, so I want to replace my AXC 1050 with an AXC F 2152 and PC WORX engineer, but I cannot find a way to add to my pc worx project the AXC cloud pro, it appears in the online devices but it seems it is not in the compatible devices list for PC worx engineer.

(And on PC WORX 6.30 it is the AXC F 2152 that is not in the device list)


So my question: is there any way to link my AXC F 2152 to my AXC cloud pro in order to control my AXC cloud pro with the AXC F 2152.


PC WORX engineer's version is 7.2.3

firmware version of the AXC F 2152 is 1.20.


Thank you in advance for your time.


Edit: I downloaded the gsdml file and imported it in PC WORX engineer, and it does not appear in the devices list

Accepted Answer
Arno Proficloud Team Accepted Answer Pending Moderation


for some reason the GSDML file from the AXC Cloud Pro can not be imported to the PLCnext Engineer. We will investigate it and come back with a solution soon.

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