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  1. avinash
  2. PC Worx Engineer
  3. Monday, 04 February 2019
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How to Communicate  Siemens controller  with PLC Next ?

In  PC work  library  like  S7 TCP. which communicate  ILC Controller with Siemens controller  over S7 TCP .

Martin PLCnext Team Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

Hello Avinash,

I assume that you have been using the ComSiemens library for PC Worx 6 ?

There are currently no plans to release this library for PLCnext Engineer. There are other Ethernet-based communication channels possible between AXC F 2152 and Siemens controllers, including Profinet, Modbus/TCP and OPC UA.

If you really need the ComSiemens library functions, please let me know and I will talk to the developers.

- Martin.

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