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OPC UA® servers & clients overview

OPC UA® servers & clients overview On the OPC UA® SERVERS & CLIENTS tab you create a connection to an OPC UA® server and scan this connection for assets. Or you register an OPC UA® application.  On the DISCOVERY tab you see applications that were announced by a discovery server and require your… Read More


Archive When an update is complete, you can review each step in the execution log and download a report of the update plan on the ARCHIVE tab.    • Published/reviewed: 2024-02-27   ★  Revision 065 • … Read More

Add software update package

Add software update package On the SOFTWARE tab you can manage and update PLCnext Engineer projects on your PLCnext Control. To do this, open PLCnext Engineer  and add the version information in your PLCnext Engineer project (see example screenshot below). Export the software package.  Upload the exported *.zip file in the Device and Update… Read More


Assets On this page you get an overview of all available assets in the system. An asset is the updatable software component, which is represented over the OPC UA® Server and can be updated. This can be, for example, a PLCnext Engineer project or an update for subordinate devices. Browse and organize your assets… Read More


Administration On this page you make several settings on various tabs. Below you will find information about these tabs: Global tab Software update tab Users / Clients tab GDS tab Certificate tab   • Published/reviewed: 2024-02-27   ★  Revision 065 • … Read More

Device and Update Management: access and first steps

Device and Update Management: access and first steps Available from firmware 2023.0 LTS for installation on EPC 15×2 and  BPC 9102S Note: To install the Device and Update Management as PLCnext App, you need an EPC 1502 (item no. 1185416), EPC 1522 (item no. 1185423) or BPC 9102S (item no. 1246285) device with a firmware version 2023.0 LTS (or newer).  The Device and Update Management makes it possible to provide firmware and software updates for your… Read More

Reverse connect

Reverse connect To enable the devices to connect to the DaUM via reverse connect, you must first enable reverse connect and set the correct port via PLCnext Engineer. In PLCnext Engineer, click on the OPC UA node in the PLANT area.  Select the Server Settings editor.  In… Read More

Add firmware update package

Add firmware update package To search for available firmware packages, click the SEARCH FOR FIRMWARE PACKAGE button.  Select a repository from the drop-down list and click the SELECT REPOSITORY button. Select one of the proposed products or enter the item number or the article description of the… Read More


Features  Below is an overview with the features in the Device and Update Management versions and the matching PLCnext device firmware versions.  PLCnext device firmware versions You can use the following DaUM features if the devices to be updated have at least the specified firmware version. DaUM feature PLCnext device firmware version[1]   2023.0 LTS 2023.3… Read More

Administration – Software update tab

Administration – Software update tab On the SOFTWARE UPDATE tab you can add and manage the update repositories.  The update repository is the place where the firmware files are located. You can add a new update repository and add update packages to the repository. Currently,… Read More